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Kik Chat Rooms: The messaging app list is very large as there are plenty of them being developed and one couldn’t find any shortage of them in the app store. However, only a few of them are recognized by people of all kinds and Kik Messenger app is one such kind of chatting platform. Even after so many controversies, Kik has app stand one among the top rated social chatting app. Share unlimited messages, stickers, emojis, photos, videos, and more of multimedia content for free with an internet connection. Unlike other social messenger apps, Kik doesn’t use your phone number to list your friends. Instead, Kik uses your Kik Usernames to stay connected with other Kik users. Other than texting, Kik has included one most important feature called Kik Chat Rooms or Kik Groups with which you will be able to connect to different people of same interest.

Kik is having been used by more 300 million Kik users, and it provides you with an option to extend your conversations with people beyond your contacts. So Kik introduces its Kik users to so many new people in the form of Kik Groups. More precisely, Kik Chat Rooms refers to the Kik Public group chat feature to find Kik Friends. The most messaging platform has not included this Chat Rooms or Public group chat, and this innovative feature is the reason for Kik being loved by many people.

Kik Chat Rooms

Kik Chat Rooms

Kik Messenger is a cross-platform application. Irrespective of the platform you use, Kik app lets you find and chat in groups for free. You can even initiate your own public group and invite people to spend time usefully in your Kik Chat Rooms. Before making use of the Kik Chat Rooms, it is indeed must to know how much trustworthy the chat room is by finding communities that lats long. Get to know more in detail about the Kik Chat Rooms and the list of top Kik Chat Rooms.

Kik Chat Rooms – An Outline

One of the growing features of Kik app is its Chat Room or Public Group Chat option. From this feature, the Kik user is allowed to create a chat room or group chat in such a way to add people from a similar background or with the similar interests. So with the Chat Rooms, you will be able to easily find the like-minded and popular users and discover new Kik Friends Online. However, there is no need for any reason to involve in the chat rooms with the common interest. As a Kik user, you will be able to create a new chat room or can become a part of the existing chat room. If you are creating your own chat room, then invite people to join the link or share your group code to scan and make them join. If you have specific purpose or motive, then make sure you mention it in your group. When you have created a Kik Chat Room, then you are the admin in that group, and you have the control of the people you add up. Finding an existing chat group is not difficult as you can search for it by the username with a hashtag prefixed to it. As a Kik user, you can be a member of multiple chat rooms. So there is no restriction for you to be involved in the number of chat rooms. Most often Kik chat rooms are created to make people of similar taste or interest Kik chat online.

Kik Chat Rooms

Kik Chat Rooms

Steps To Create Kik Chat Rooms

Creating your own chat rooms on Kik is easy. With the below-mentioned steps, you will be able to create the Kik Chat Rooms in few minutes.

Step 1: Go to the Kik main chats list and tap on the + icon. How to do Kik Sign In.

Step 2: You must now tap into the Public Groups option and tap + icon to add a new public group.

Step 3: Optionally you can provide a name, photo, and # (username of the group) for easy identification of the group by others.

Step 4: Now tap the Start option to complete your new group chat creation.

With just the tap on their Kik names, you will be able to invite any of your Kik friends to your newly created group.

Kik is available for

Top 5 Kik Chat Rooms

Sports: Those sports fans will be able to connect with other fans to make conversations. Indulge in talking with the Kik Chat room members to make lively conservation.

Storytelling: Discuss what you have read or written with others if you are interested in creative things. Get ideas for your latest projects by discussing with other group members to bring out the best ideas.

Travel: Get information about the travel and travel guide from the people of different places. Plan your next trip much more effectively or find fellow travelers to get more fun.

Cities: There are many groups available that deals with particular cities. Find the like-minded individuals in your city to share and get information.

Shopping: Those who love to join the shopping group can get into it to find more details about your shopping needs. Get information of best places to shop, stores and related information.

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