Kik Sign Up | Create Kik Account

Kik Sign Up | Create Kik Account: The smartphones have indeed become a part of us in everyday life as it plays a major role in connecting us with all others and with the world. With more social media apps are being introduced, Kik app is simply more than a standard messaging application. It is designed originally for those who are looking for the way to get in touch with their kind of people through chat as their primary source for both communication and information.

Kik app is a platform-independent application with which you can easily contact other users of Kik messenger whenever. The primary requirement for you is to have a Kik account to get connected with other Kik users. To do so, you must sign up with the Kik app as soon as you download the app irrespective of the smart device you use. The article provides you with a complete guide to deal with the Kik Sign up or how to create a Kik account. Follow the steps carefully to do Kik Sign up and once with the completion you can get in touch with your friends or chat with other Kik users easily in no time.

Kik Sign Up

The Kik Sign Up is also the safer place to get connected better to turn out for fun. Like other messaging platforms, Kik also lets you send and receive the text messages, share photos, videos, smileys, emojis, GIFs and more. Chat with a person privately or create a group and make group conversations. The one unique feature of the Kik Messenger is the ChatBots feature that has differentiated itself from other social messaging application. The KikBots give you more to do with the Kik app, and you are no more bored at any moment. Connect with this interactive section of the app and get the updated and latest information. You can chat with the KikBots, play puzzle games, stay updated with news, get tips, advice and lots more.

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Kik Sign Up | Create Kik Account

Follow the step by step instruction given below to sign up for the Kik messenger irrespective of the device you use like iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows PC and Mac PC. Kik app will use your mobile number as an optional thing and the whole Kik sign up will not take more than a minute. The smartphone version of this app doesn’t take much of time while the desktop version needs an android emulator downloaded and installed in prior. Ensure you have the emulator and follow the steps as Kik Sign up or creating an account on Kik is easy.

Step 1: Download the Kik app for your smartphone from the respective app store. Those in the desktop version can install the Kik app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Wait until the downloading gets completed and click on the Kik app icon to open it on your device.

Step 3: The main screen is the Kik sign up page, and you have to tap and select Sign Up, as you are about to use Kik for the first time.

Kik Sign Up

Kik Sign Up

Step 4: Now you have to give your First Name and Last Name. It is the name that will be visible to others, and you can change it at any point later.

Kik Sign Up

Kik Sign Up


Step 5: On the Kik Username text area, you have to enter your Kik username. If your username is available, then you will be able to see a green checkmark, and it is not available you will be seeing a red “X” mark. So choose an alternative name.

Step 6: Provide a valid email id on the respective field so as the Kik app will verify if it is you. Make sure you provide the correct email as it will be later used when you reset your password or deactivate your Kik account.

Step 7: Now you need to create a strong password as to prevent your Kik account from being misused. Make sure you use special characters, numbers, and both upper and lower case letters in your password to make it stronger. Use the same password while you do Kik log in later.

Step 8: Provide you your birthday in the respective field.

Step 9: It is an optional thing, and Kik users can give your phone number at the time of sign up as to find your phone contacts who are in Kik.

Step 10: Now just tap on the Sign-Up button to complete your Kik account creation. You can now make Kik Login.

Upon the successfully sign up, you will be receiving a confirmation email in your inbox. Sometimes, you will be prompted to enter the verification code to complete the Kik sign up. You have successfully completed the sign-up procedures for the Kik app.

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