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Kik Username Finder | Kik Friends: Smartphones introduction has made every other thing possible as with the lots of applications available. Messaging apps are one such classification, and the one main aim of all of those app was to connect the people from across. Kik Messenger aka Kik is one most used messenger tool which is also a perfect alternative to the standard text-based messenger. Distance means nothing when you have Kik on your device. With a short span of time, Kik app has gained high popularity and a higher number of users. Get connected with all your friends at any time from anywhere irrespective of the smart device and platform you use with Kik installed.

To enjoy all the salient features of Kik, you must have created a Kik account by doing Kik sign up, or those who already have an account can just do Kik login. Kik uses only your Kik Username to establish a connection and is not like other messenger apps which prompt you for the phone number. So the only way to contact to other Kik user is by the finding their usernames. Kik username is the unique identity given by this Kik messenger app to its user. Anyone can discover other Kik friends by searching through the Kik username quickly. The article provides all the details about the Kik Messenger app, what is Kik Username and how to search for friends by username for different platforms.

Kik Username

Kik Username

Kik app is the fastest, simplest, and personal messaging application that has been loved by more than 50 million users from all over the world. It is an online messaging platform with which you can send and receive unlimited messages to any other Kik users from around the world regardless of their location. With the Kik Messenger for iOS, you have the opportunity to chat with your Kik friends with nothing more than a unique username. So make sure you have picked the best username of your choice which your friends will identify easily. There are some third-party websites available in the store which is providing an option for you to find Kik usernames. At the end of this article, you can find the details about this.

Kik Messenger App

Chat has evolved to be the primary source of both information and communication and Kik is one such useful platform to exchange it. Kik Online Chat is an instantaneous freeware messaging mobile application developed in 2010 by Kik Interactive. Kik Messenger is the best tool to make your people stay updated on all your recent activity. Indulge in real-time chatting with other Kik users for free from your smartphone or desktop platform. Transmit and receive unlimited messages and add stickers, emojis, or GIFs to make the conversation more fun filled. Chat in person or create a group chat to connect and share information mutually. Kik Application lets you be in unlimited Kik groups to make conversation. Kik app doesn’t halt you from sharing the messages alone.

As it is an advanced version of normal text messaging and thus you can share your photos and videos too. By having an uninterrupted internet data connection, you can get connected with every other Kik user and share all your updates in no time. Kik Apk stands out amongst all other rivals as with some unique features it is possessing. The reason includes, Kik uses only Kik username to establish communication. Get into an interactive communication with the KikBots by knowing the latest news, fashion tips, advice and more. You can add the bots to your group and play fun games. Kik is the best platform to stay in the loop and explore more of things even without leaving the Kik app.

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Kik Username

Kik username is the unique Kik id that will be used by other Kik users to identify you. As like other platforms using your phone number to identify the people, Kik uses this username. To use the Kik app, you would have signed up initially and entered the Kik username. Don’t have an account do Kik Sign Up.  So a username is something that is unique to your Kik account, and it can’t be changed once after the account gets registered. If your friends need to chat with you, they must have known the right username of yours. If it is not known, then they won’t be able to find you in a search. Note that the username is distinctive from that of the display name in the Kik messenger.

Kik username is usually made up of numbers, letters, periods (.), underscores (_). So if you see a name that has these characters, then it is a username else you’re probably looking at the display name. The display name is what your other Kik friends could see on their Chat List, at the top of a chat with you, and on the group info screen. This display names can be changed at any time usually, and it may include a variety of letters, numbers, characters, and emoji too. So you can see the username of the person with whom you have been chatting or chatted earlier by tapping on the profile picture their message. Choose the View Profile option, and you can see the username is displayed in a smaller, grey font right under their display name.

Steps To Search for Kik Friends By Kik Username

As a Kik user, you are solely dependent on finding your friends by their Kik Usernames to start making a conversation. So only if you know the username of your friend, you will be able to send and receive messages. From your smartphone, you can easily search for the person on Kik. Follow the steps to start searching the Kik Usernames.

Android & iOS Platform

Step 1: Go to your main chats list and tap on the + icon.

Step 2: Now select Find People and type in your friend’s username.

Step 3: You can select your friend’s username and tap on the Start Chatting to make conversation.


Step 1: You can use the Pull to Search option to pull down from the top of your main chats list to search for the Kik friends.

Step 2: Just type in your friend’s Kik username, and you can find a list of similar names.

Step 3: Now tap on your friend’s username and tap on Start Chatting option to begin the conversation.

Windows Phone Platform

Step 1: You must tap on the Talk To icon present at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Start typing your friend’s Kik username and tap your screen below the search bar to find a new contact.

Step 3: Now type in your friend’s Kik username and tap Next button. 

Step 4: Finally you have to tap on Write New Message option to send a message to your Kik friend and save them to your contacts. Alternatively, you can tap on the Add to Contacts to save them without sending them a message.

If you and the friend you’re looking for have mutual friends on Kik, then one of them may be able to let you know the username you are looking for.

Kik Username Finder

Kik officially doesn’t share any of the Kik user’s personal details as the Kik team is concerned about the security and safety it is providing to its user. So unless you don’t know the username of your kik mate, you will not be able to chat with them. However, there are so many third-party Kik username finders websites available in the store which has made it easy to find random Kik users and their username. From those websites, you can choose from the wide range of options to search the Kik Usernames easily. Opt for the gender to search for the Kik username or there are some websites that let you search for the username by manually typing. So if you are in need of finding more of Kik Usernames, then this method works the best.

Kik is available for

Features of Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger uses the Kik username to discover other Kik friends.

  • The Kik app is considered to be the best alternative to the regular text-based messaging services.
  • Kik Online Login lets you share text messages, pictures, videos, music, sketches, and more of multimedia contents for free.
  • Kik app looks just like the smartphone text messaging and is similar to the iOS in-built text messing.
  • Add more of sense to your chat with emoticons. smileys and GIFs and convey things as you feel without typing.
  • Make a real-time video call to other Kik users for free which the new feature introduced by the Kik app very recently.
  • Scan the unique Kik QR code to find and make friends nearby and start making any conversation.
  • The inbuilt notification of Kik app lets you know if your message is sent, read, and delivered.
  • You can share your Kik profile on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more to find many friends.
  • Sync your address book to automatically notified when any of your contacts use the Kik app.
  • Customize your chat preferences like sound, chat bubble, and chat background with the Kik app.

Kik Username – Screenshots

Kik Username

Kik Username

Kik Username

Kik Username

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